VU2RBQ, Norbert (Nob), Antennas I have used in India

VU2RBQ 1999

Inverted L-Antenna, 160 m Band (1.83 MHz).
Antenna Matching is necesserary.
Resonance Frequebcy is ca. 1.6 MHz.

Wire Lenght is abt. 84 meters. Hight (max.) over GND ist 18 meters.
GND is abt. 30 Radials and some Mesh - size 1 x 1 meter.

Mesh is homemade

Enamelled Wire 0.6 mm

Vertical Antenna 14 MHz (20m), Ground Mesh TLV40, Top Loaded Vertical Antenna, elevated Radials (Jan. 2001)

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